Apple tree

My body is an apple tree

The branches weave so far down my throat

I spend most days

attempting not to choke.



You can’t have a fire

Without any smoke – and I am burning.


My body is an apple tree

Some days the twigs expand,

entwining around my lungs

until I’m sure each breath will be my last.


Yet it will pass.

And the birds will still sing,

Each breath will become a wonderful thing

Though even the maggots

can see through my grin.


My body is an apple tree.


The fruit filled with allure,

An illusion of perfection

And rotten to the core


Inquisitive delusion, a lesson to learn

Visitors are plentiful, but never return


A lifetime of loneliness

Is no more than I’ve earned


A long time worn,

Yet the roots hold strong

Throughout internalised scorn

And the notion that I can never belong

Is it so wrong


To need some relief

A moment of weakness

A lifetime of grief

Unevolved from the child

Hiding under bed sheets


My body is an apple tree


Through the storm and the sun

The light and the dark

The old and the young


Entrapped in existence

With one final plea

My mind is in turmoil


My body an apple tree



You’re an independent woman

till you’re pushed to your knees,

As he pulls back your hair

His lips whispers please


And the voices are strong,

Screaming time to go home

Yet the memories that haunt

Are far worse when alone


Home houses the knifes,

Too accustomed to skin

You’ve swallowed them whole

Now they cut from within


And that full length mirror

Gave to you as a gift

Captured the moment

You first made yourself sick


Whilst Invisible ink

Surrounds your four walls

Every bad word you’ve spoken

Accessible to all


So you comply without haste

You don’t deserve any more

Take one shallow breath

And dissolve to the floor

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