The monster 

Razor blades tumble from your lips

Your articulate tongue shredding 

those words of comfort 

I hold your hand 

And you crumble at my side

unable to hide the sorrow 

you disdain to express


And suddenly I am a sandcastle

With walls so sturdy and thick 

Forgetting I can be destroyed by the 

smallest of waves.


This is a tsunami.


They say you can ignore the storm

by focusing on sandbagging the pier

But when the bag bursts in your palms

You can’t suppress your fear

 When bracing for the water 

you underestimate the creatures that swim

Your brain tries to comprehend

 how the world can still spin

Only aware of the monster 

as it tears you limb from limb

 And yet by this point the pain is a welcome relief


Then it’s over

And they act like it never begun

Smile at waves, complement the sun

And the holiday makers return to the sand 

Yet you cannot sunbath in silence

When people ask why it took so long 

I can only surmise : 

In order to scream you have to be able to breath

I can finally breath. 


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