Individual reality

With no means of control

Secluded and peaceful

You shut down your soul

Headphones and crisp packets

Breathily killing time 

Silent and still 

As his eyes meet mine 


Lipstick lined with confidence 

Innocence with lust

Lost in the motion 

A mutual distrust 


A lullaby so gentle

The mother’s arms are steel 

Preparing for arrival

Unable to feel


Separation comes quickly 

A harsh fall from grace 

The senses are muted 

You return to your place. 


Strong and stable 

Purple flowers swarm her eyes, 

adjusting to the inevitable loneliness, 

the doll she once cherished 

a long ago friend.

She is too old for dolls

too old to pretend.


she contorts her toes into last winters boots, 

Feet slamming against the wooden floor.

Her heartbroken mother weighs safety with coins.

A child crying from hunger is hard to ignore.

We are strong, and we are stable. 

Yet her body is weak. 

The rent is overdue 

And it’s too cold to sleep. 

“And in tough times, 

everyone must suffer pain.” 

But what is a paper cut 

compared to a flame? 

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