Apple handcuffs 

Deceiving devices

With illusions of home 

Enchanting, enforcing 

You are never alone 


Trapped within technology
a smile quickly missed 

Isolating, instigating 

The grip on your wrist 


Addicted to Apple

Their fingers will bleed

Ostracizing, Oppressing  

Entwined in your greed


Stuck to screens 

Eyes accustomed to strain

Unfeeling, unattached 

Exempt from the blame


Foretelling the future

Lift up your head 

Apathy, atrocity 

 society is dead


Teddy bears and blowjobs 

She lives in fantasy

a world of bliss

Broken down, destroyed 

When she has her first kiss


There’s lemonade in her wine

But a slur in her voice

She learns that position 

Is never her choice 


She’s all teddy bears and blow jobs 

Her waist getting thinner

Yet those ‘oh so practiced’ lustful eyes 

are reserved for the mirror 


Craves excitement and adventure 

Using twilight for reference 

Learns the art of seduction 

Whilst having no preference 


Adolescent naivety, 

Swallows her whole

But her innocent outlook

Is quick to unfold 


She learns to smoke and inhale

drink without repulsion

And for hormones that rage 

She finds a solution 


She wears clothes for the fashion

Watching other girls chatter

She mimics their movements 

Her true thoughts don’t matter


Then she meets an admirer

His smile fake and kind 

Strategic and manipulative

Desire fills his mind


His intentions are obvious

He  stands far too near

She follows his lead 

And suppresses her fear

She submits to his advances

Acts like it’s all fine

But wishes she could play with dolls

One final time 

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