Theresa May


Silent and scared

Strangers stare as schools despair

Students starve, shares shift offshore

Society smashed, tuition fees soar


Selling healthcare without shame

Snap election, Secluded campaigns.

Saudi Arabia sales become a formality

Supports fox slaughter, shuns homosexuality




But silent no more


We will.

Strive for equality

Sing the same tune

Stand for our future

Shout loud in June




She got one thing right

Strength shines within us.

United we fight



We will have our say

Let’s make June the end of May


From the kitchen to the bedroom. 

Hey guys,  

I haven’t moaned for a while so thought it was time to have a rant :p.   

So today I found out that my university pays women lectures a lot less than their male counterparts. Call me naive but I had the audacity to assume that in modern Britain equality was an accepted part of society. Don’t get me wrong, I knew about the pay gap, the causal sexism and many issues women face in everyday life however I honestly believed that a modern institute which promotes education and equality would be fair in their practices and employment. 

Believing this matter was only an issue at my university, I decided to do some googling. What I found was shocking! All universities in England have discrepancies within their wages. Leicester university pays women an average of £9000 less than their male staff. 
In my opinion, these statistics are horrific, showing that regardless of how educated, how good at your job or how much experience you have gained, women will always be treated unfairly simply because they are born without a penis. 
So I decided to write this post to raise awareness of the hidden inequality that we still face in our lives, with the hope that if enough people complain, these practices will be changed. 
Let me know what you think in the comments. 

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