Ban the Burka bullshit! 

We are a nation of freedom,

With alternative facts. 

We eliminate poverty, 

And promote bedroom tax. 

We discourage inequality, 

Whilst tuition fees soar, 

We hashtag for peace

As we start the next war. 

So when our clothing is determined, 

By fuckwits in suits, 

We do not falter.

We do not dispute 


We were warned by George Orwell, 

We are going to lose. 

We were warned by our history, 

The persecution of Jews. 


We were warned by the experts, 

Whom we no longer need. 

Our morals soon clouded, 

With anger and greed.


Because Islam is evil, 

Or so we are told. 

It is for our protection, 

We are being controlled. 


So now when a man asks you to undress, 

It is no longer oppression, 

The burka is the one true

cause of aggression. 


Priest, Rabbi’s and nuns, 

Can dress for their passion.

Hoods helmets and ponchos 

Are items of fashion. 


But the burka will be banned 

Although it has no connection, 

to violence or hatred, 

It will win the election. 


And whilst the rest of us sit,

With our hands over our eyes

They limit our lifestyles 

Ignore all our cries. 


So what will it take?

Before we make a stand. 

Overthrow those in charge,

regain control of our land.


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