Election fever 

Election fever,

An illness striking the nation,

Engulfing all that is near.

Spreading faster than fire.


And each lier,

Puts themselves on the stage.

Our rage,

hidden behind the screens

As they make each pointless promise,


And claim to be honest,

The evidence is clear,

Our fear,

is calmed through a cross in a box

Pretending that pencil cannot be erased.


We are engaged,

Through child-like debates

We wait,

for a competent ruler.

But they’re always so far from the stand.

Make way as politicians demand,

Their own pay raise,

Our cries,

ignored once the vote is complete

As we introduce the least evil leader.

Election fever,

Has the symptoms of lies and deceit.

They cheat,

But we close our eyes

With a glimmer of hope

it will be different next time.


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