Election fever 

Election fever,

An illness striking the nation,

Engulfing all that is near.

Spreading faster than fire.


And each lier,

Puts themselves on the stage.

Our rage,

hidden behind the screens

As they make each pointless promise,


And claim to be honest,

The evidence is clear,

Our fear,

is calmed through a cross in a box

Pretending that pencil cannot be erased.


We are engaged,

Through child-like debates

We wait,

for a competent ruler.

But they’re always so far from the stand.

Make way as politicians demand,

Their own pay raise,

Our cries,

ignored once the vote is complete

As we introduce the least evil leader.

Election fever,

Has the symptoms of lies and deceit.

They cheat,

But we close our eyes

With a glimmer of hope

it will be different next time.


    Boring to blowjobs

She’s a six,

the curve of her spine triggering their hunger,

Her arse bouncy and petite,

addictive by nature, they can’t help but want more.

She’s a whore.

Not quite what they are looking for,

but good enough for fuck.


And she’ll suck.

Swallow like only a practiced slut can,

The illusion of innocence,

whilst she clamps on your dick

You make her sick.

But you know she wants more

And with her clothes across your bedroom floor you can finally brag to your mates.

Cos you were the best, the best she’s ever had.


The shine in her eyes was excitement not tears,

And the moans that escaped from her lips were of pleasure, not pain

And though you didn’t use a condom again, you know that it doesn’t matter,

She was flattered.

So glad to have you in her bed

Because like you said, you are in every girl’s dreams-or nightmares.


You ignore the glares in class, cos her ass was worth every story.

She cries rape, but you know it can’t be true

How could she have wanted to refuse you?

You’re a catch.

You would never break the law.

She’s a whore.

Sex is all she is good for.


So you put her behind you,

No lessons to be learned,

Unburnt, unharmed.

Not your fault she was charmed.

And so you go back

To rating women from boring to blowjob,

Their experience, their virginity,

All under scrutiny.

Just a harmless way to pass the time.

Then……You spot a nine.

Tips for those starting university! 

Hey guys,

so with my first year at university almost over I thought now would be a good time make a list of useful advice for those of you about to begin your university adventure! Hope you enjoy them 🙂 

1- University is not an American sit-com

Many people have a distorted view of university which comes from watching shows such as The Inbetweeners or The Big Bang Theory. I admit these shows are great, but you are much more likely to spend your uni days binging these shows on Netflix than actually living their lifestyle! This doesn’t mean that you won’t attended wild parties, just that realistically you will spend more of your time napping than anything else. 

2-Your parents probably don’t know best!  

Ok, this one is quite controversial but the truth is more often than not they are just as clueless as you when it comes to university life. Whether they’ve never been to university or attended a long time ago times have changed, things are different and it will be hard for them to fully understand the lifestyle you have become a part of. This doesn’t mean that they can’t give you great advice, just that you need to cut them some slack if they don’t understand the importance of deadlines, societies or housing pressures. 

3- Socialise! 

Socialisation is arguably the most important part of univerisy life. Everyone is in the same boat and usually ready to make friends and have fun. Embrace the opportunity to walk around the streets shoeless and dressed as ‘Where’s Wally.’ You will never have the chance to do it again! 

4- You will not like everyone. 

If the first person you meet doesn’t become the best bud you’ve always dreamed of, don’t panic! It’s ok not to like everyone and undoubtedly some people will not like you either. That’s life. If you meet people you don’t like, move on. It’s not the end of the world. 

5- You will probably grow to hate your first year flatmates. 

When you first move into halls everyone seems lovely and friendly but as time moves on you notice that Hannah never empties the bin or that James comes home at 3am screaming. It’s fine. Grit your teeth and get through it. You are all just people with nothing in common forced to live together for a year. It won’t be film nights and pre drinks all of the time. Deal with it. 

6- Finally, don’t forget those back home! 

Univerisy might be all exciting and cool but sometimes a chat with your best friend from home or a day out with your mum is the best thing ever! The people you care for the most have not disappeared because you’ve moved out, make an effort to stay in contact and meet up with your old pals. Who else can you bitch about uni to? :p 
Thanks for reading my list, hope it helped! Let me know in the comments if there is anything that you think should be added :). Xx


My first bout of sexism occurred at 13, 
Until this point I’d been free, 

Free from my crime of being a women, 

Free from those looks, you know the kind, 

Those eyes, the ones that look but don’t see, 

I was free, 

Then he took that away from me. 

A comment so passive,

that made me insecure, 

he was 13 too, sure, 

No idea what he’d done,

Whilst he looked at my bum, 

laughed and said.

“Nice arse, shame about the face.” 

I was red with disgrace, 

my world was undone. 

So then I made a change,

 applied makeup so thick, 

The foundation was orange, 

My eyes black as night,

It’s alright, 

I was safe, 

With my made up face. 

Then another boy laughed, 

noticed the mask, 

Pulled out a face wipe, 

And moved pretty fast. 

The white soon was orange, 

the laughter increased, 

My safety had ceased, 

Leaving me vulnerable once more. 

When I was 15,

my dad asked if I was gay, 

Said I didn’t dress prettily, 

That girls weren’t normally this way. 


He asked if I’d kissed boys, 

Said he wasn’t being mean, 

Just curious as I wasn’t 

The “expected girl teen.” 

See I’ve never liked kissing

To me it seems violent. 

No one should posses my mouth, 

Restrain my tongue, 

Render me silent.

At 16 my first boyfriend, 

Was your usual ex, 

Obsessed with sex, 

Didn’t like I’d said no

Told his friends I was “frigid” 

He was quick to go. 


At 17, at a bar, 

A guy tried his moves 

I filled silence with chatter, 

But he scanned my breasts, 

What I said didn’t matter.
He told me “I was pretty on the inside” 

Made me wish that I could hide

And run,

run from this prejudiced place, 

Trying to hide my face, 

I took myself home. 

At 18 on a trip, to la Vatican Rome, 

A man had me corned, 

Never been so alone. 

I asked him to stop, 

But he ignored my cries. 

Too frightened to scream 

Lust filled his eyes. 

He pressed himself against me

 as witness’s became blind, 

Thanks to friend’s help, 

I got out just in time. 

At 19, I have two friends who were raped, 

Three who have been assaulted

But we’re lucky to escape. 

My university warned girls to take a class in karate 

Claimed that 1 in 3 would be invaded 

That campus wasn’t one big party.

Not for us, not for girls. 

We claim our society is modern and good, 

That we’ve irradicated sexism, 

That we’ve done all we could. 

So what do you think? 

Think women are free? 

That we don’t avoid alleyways? 

That sounds like bullshit to me. 


Balancing on the tight rope 

Toes curled around a bamboo line

The stopwatch bleeps, the net has ceased 

Can I make it across this time? 


Butterflies descend from your lips

   Tears  masked with words of love.

Colourful wings distract innocent eyes,

   An insect flies above.

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