Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump……

Your triumph was unexpected, 

The public are confused. 

I’m just here to clarify, 

your will’s been misconstrued? 


You don’t believe in building walls? 

A separation of two nations?

History has taught us all, 

the possible complications. 


You don’t believe in identity cards,

for those of the Islamic faith? 

The yellow stars still haunt our past, 

Our futures must be safe. 

We know you aren’t really sexist, 

Feminists can be fussy. 

Women didn’t die for our rights 

For you to “grab them in the p***y.” 


A world of progression, 

Has thrived throughout the years,

We know you won’t reverse gay rights, 

And bring our land to tears. 


Left with you to do what’s right

I’m sure we all agree,

The uk is sat praying here,

“Thank God it’s them not me!” 


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