A few years ago I wrote a poem about the corruption and sexism in religion. It’s a little outdated and comes across quite “man hating” which wasn’t my intention at all. Anyway I’m going to share it with you and see what you think. 

As church bells ring throughout the night 

The people rest to rid their wrong, 

Virgin Mary soon be gone. 

Streets fill quickly if the poor, 

The priests arrive to pick their whore. 

The girls line up without a fight

Accepting their unfortunate fate,

Whilst men pick out their perfect mate. 

The conscience is smothered, 

The crosses are covered 

Jesus ‘turns his cheek’ tonight.


All the preachers return to church 

Crawling confessions on the morrow

plastered smiles to hide their sorrow

Priests pretend they are not men 

Blame the temptress once again. 


Excuses made to right their sin

An eye for an eye is quickly spoken 

Showing rules have not been broken. 

The women are blamed, 

The innocence framed. 

After all men are God’s true kin. 


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