People of Syria 

I am so sorry. I am sorry that tonight whilst I sleep my country will drop the bombs that kill your mother, maim your father and haunt your children’s nightmares. I am sorry that our system means my country’s  leaders can make decisions that effect your families lives. I am sorry that we couldn’t make your plight seem more important than the promise of oil. I am sorry that I am thankful, thankful that I will get to live my life even though you may not. I am sorry we are easily distracted, that in a few weeks (minus a few heart wrenching pictures in the news) we will forget what we are doing to you and will go about our lives as normal worrying only about Christmas shopping and upcoming promotions. I am sorry that we are cruel, that money means more than lives and that a life of a stranger seems as disconnected to us as a fairytale. I’m sorry my apology means nothing to you, that as you cradle your dying babe my apology means less then the hole in your shoes. So disregarded  my apologies and focus on these words: One day we will have change. We will care for one another, treating eachother as brothers rather than villains. This will not bring back the ones you have lost but it will create a better future for those who suvive. Be strong 


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