It saddens me to see the word “migrant” sprawled across the BBC. To an outsider the word “migrant” can cause fear. Fear of over crowded schools, doctors and houses. The fear of job insecurities, of culture clashes and higher taxes. Recently a newspaper wrote “migrant, age 13, found wondering on the motorway.” Is the word “migrant” really needed here? How about the word “child” instead?  What most people fail to mention is that these “migrants” are refugees. They are men, women and children who have been forced to flee their homes and search for safety. Their World has collapsed around them, their homes destroyed in a war they personally had no part in. Can we really turn them away? How can we call ourselves humans if we don’t act in the interest of humanity? By the BBC and other forms of properganda calling asylum seekers “migrants” they encourage negative contagions to form in everyone’s mind. Do you really think those escaping danger care about our benifits, jobs or culture? These people simply need help.  By using the word “Migrant” we strike unnecessary fear into the general public. Although I know I cannot stop the BBC or other places of properganda from using this fear-mongering word, I can ask for your help. Please help prevent hostility towards refugees . It is simply luck that we were born in safety whilst them in danger. Please refrain from using the word “migrant” or similar labels and maybe one day our organisations will follow our example. 


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