Exam stress

It’s strange to think I haven’t received any useful education since I was 14 years old. We are no longer taught to expand our knowledge but to pass a specific exam. I’m sitting here, re-writing zimbardo’s study on aggression, knowing it will be forgotten the second the examiner calls “pens down.” Will my knowledge of zimbardo improve my ability  to teach children? No. It will however, determine my acceptance into uni. Madness.     This rigourus form of testing cannot be effective  in creating well rounded, broad minded individuals. During my placement at a primary school I watched weeping 10 year olds be told that their upcoming sats would determine their sets for high school. I watched as the teacher classified them with numbers determining their worth. These numbers said average. The system ignores Jenny’s ability to play guitar or Jack’s quick witted sense of humour and labels them as Average, or worse, underachievers. Abbey is ecstatic as she’s achieved an above average grade whilst Oliver cries as he had chickenpox on the day of the test and has done worse than predicted. Does Oliver’s illness mean he deserves to be underestimated? These children are 10 years old. They should be taught that they are all unique with different talents. They should be taught to have self belief and not be discouraged by societies labels. Instead they are taught they are failures if they can’t estimate the mass of an orange or spell ‘excessively.’  This needs to stop. We need to change. 


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